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 Basic Roleplay Information and Rules

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Trying to stop war
Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Basic Roleplay Information and Rules   Basic Roleplay Information and Rules EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 2:48 pm

What is RolePlaying?

Role playing is where you play out a story. Users will come up with an idea for a story and you will make your own characters. Users will make internal and external conflicts as they go along which could have to do with love choice or a war or anything.

Character Making
-You must include the character’s name. It does not have to be your own. You can make up any name you want.
-Yes, you may be more than one person. We encourage that you do not have more than 2 people for it does get confusing.
-You must include a description of what the character looks like. You can either write a regualr description or one of the usual and best methods of showing your character’s looks are to go to Photobucket and in the search bar type your search. The pictures are usually anime. You could search up anime boys or anime girls. When you find the picture you are looking for you click on the code bar where it says Direct Link. You copy the code and go back to the Role Play section on the House of Night Forums. In your reply, you click the Add A Picture button in the toolbar and paste the code there. After that is done you are finished with your description.
-You must add your age.
-In the threads of the different Role Plays you may be needed to add different information such as a power that you would like to have. The power could be turning invisible or controlling fire. It depends on what the creator of the thread has written.

God Modding
God Modding is where you control someone else’s character when they are away. There are rules that apply to God Modding.
-Do NOT God Mode someone’s character unless the user gives you permission to do so.
-If the user has left the forums for a long period of time then Private Message me telling me of the problem and I will tell you if God Modding will be allowed.

OOC Posts
To discuss ideas for the story, and how each others Characters' can/should react, or whether a Character does or does not know something, basically anything to do with the story being told, are permitted, and encouraged. However, when you do write out of character you must write in parentheses.

-If a Role Play topic has no pages or has been inactive for 1-2 weeks then it will be deleted((warning will come before deletion)).
-If you create a role play but you have to leave after you create it then we can only make sure no one starts the role play for 36 hours.
-If a role play is (not) completed then please Private Message me and I will be sure to put it in the (Un)finished Role Play section.

If you have any questions feel free to Private Message Rose, Emo Kitty, Marked_by_Nyx, ~Lumanee~ or Caristiona

RolePlaying Rules

It has come to our attention that some of you have many RP's. We have made new rules for them. The maximum amount a person can have open at once is 5. If there is one that is done or just not being posted in anymore, please PM Rose, Emo Kitty, Marked_by_Nyx, ~Lumanee~ or Caristiona

The rest of the rules are the same.

*No posting anything more that PG-12.

*No Swearing.

*Please make sure the RP is in the right section and that there isn't one with the same name.

*No God-modding

*Refrain from typing in all caps

*Out of character chat is to be in : (( )) ~ ~ or [[ ]]
((This would be out of character text))

Paused and Unfinished Roleplays

Just a quick message to all,
It has been decided that there will be a new process in which all roleplay will be sorted by.
As you all know the Roleplaying section is split into sub categories;
House of Night
Fantasy Roleplay
Human/Normal Life
Book Based
TV Based
Movie Based
Unfinished Roleplays
Finished Roleplays
Paused Roleplays

I would like to take the time now to explain the roleplay clean up process, as you know there is now a limit on all roleplay sections, once there are 49 threads within one section it will be locked, this will stop all members from being about to post new roleplays, when the section then recedes to 30 or less roleplays the section will be reopened.
The Extra Curricular and Roleplay staff, myself (Rose), Emo Kitty, Marked_by_Nyx, ~Lumanee~ and Caristiona will be cleaning up the sections.
We operate under the process of, ‘If a roleplay has not been posted in for a month’ (taken by the date of the last poster) then the roleplay will receive a message, will be locked and moved to the ‘Paused Roleplay’ section. If none of the three Roleplay section staff receive a PM from the Roleplay creator then the topic will then be moved to the ‘Unfinished Roleplay’ section after two weeks of being in the ‘Paused Roleplay’ section.

Mature Roleplaying

As some of you may already know the forum does include a Mature Roleplaying area.
However there is one condition for this area, members who qualify and would like to join the section are to PM Rose
Members must be 17 in order to join the Mature Roleplayers group in order to see the area.

If you wish to join this group and are old enough please PM your request plus correct date of birht to Rose

Please be aware that your date of birth will be checked before admission to the group is successful.
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Trying to stop war
Trying to stop war

Female Taurus Monkey
Age : 27
Posts : 32419
Join date : 2009-07-18

Character sheet
Name: Rose Fletcher
Age: 17
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Basic Roleplay Information and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic Roleplay Information and Rules   Basic Roleplay Information and Rules EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 8:05 am

Fantasy and Vampire Fantasy Sections~!
As many of you may have already noticed we have decided to expand the RolePlay section further.
We've found that the Fantasy section is the busiest and have therefore decided that we're expanding it.
Therefore more RolePlays can be created.

Vampire Fantasy:
This is the new section to the RolePlay area, any Vampire based roleplays that are not based on House of Night, Books, Movies, TV or Mature are to be made here.

Any Fantasy RolePlay that does not involve Vampires is to be made here

Thank You

~Rose and the HoN Staff

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Basic Roleplay Information and Rules
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