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 The Lone March Series

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Going about a regular day
Going about a regular day

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The Lone March Series Empty
PostSubject: The Lone March Series   The Lone March Series EmptyTue Mar 22, 2011 4:18 pm

Hi, fellow HoN fans!

I just got my first book published! It's called Moon-Linked and it's about a girl who finds out she's the last female werewolf in the world. It's the first in the series, and the second will be out very soon.

The Amazon Link is here:


The description from the back of the book is as follows:

Fifteen-year-old March Howe is going through some bizarre bodily changes - the last thing she needs when most people at school already think she's a freak. Little does she know that those changes are leading her into a supernatural world of strange mysteries and terrible danger. March is a werewolf - but not just a werewolf. She's the last known female of the species, and that makes her a rare commodity.

Just when the guy of her dreams asks her out, a pack of werewolves invade her house to take her back to their den, where she must be heralded through her first change or risk certain death. Along the way, she meets the dark and handsome Greyson, her only peer in the pack, and is caught up in the dark intrigue surrounding her new "family" and the strange truth behind her existence. Will she fit in this new, magical world better than she does at school? Will she even survive her first change? Or will the power that's growing inside her destroy her and the entire werewolf bloodline?

In Book One of the Lone March Series, March Howe must choose between mundane and magical, the familiar and the unknown, freedom and responsibility. Will she decide her fate before the last of the werewolves decide it for her?

Anyway, it's a really great, fun read (if I do say so myself) so check it out!

Thanks guys!
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The Lone March Series
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