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 History Ready To Hurt Me Once Again. . . [Open RP]

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Going about a regular day
Going about a regular day

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History Ready To Hurt Me Once Again. . .  [Open RP] Empty
PostSubject: History Ready To Hurt Me Once Again. . . [Open RP]   History Ready To Hurt Me Once Again. . .  [Open RP] EmptyFri May 15, 2015 9:14 pm

I looked out the school bus window, seeing certain places that held so many memories for me. It's been 4 long years away from Sydney. 4 years away from my family and friends. 4 years of never hearing from him. I wonder what he will think when he sees me? I think to myself, putting my forehead to the cold window, closing my eyes and trying to visualize this hated lover of mine.

I never wanted to date another guy after . I never saw anyone else the same way I saw him. I stayed dedicated to my element and schoolwork. I left school because I wasn't safe anymore. I had to get away to protect those I cared about. Suddenly, I awoke to the bus coming to a halt. I felt my heart rise to my throat as I recognized the school. My pulse quickened as I went to grab my suitcase and Michael Kors bag from the compartment above my head. I hoped things didn't change as much as I did. I took a deep breath, as I walked off the bus towards the entrance of the school. How I wished I hadn't worn my black Louis Vuitton boots. I forgot how brutal the walk was.

As I saw so many familiar places begin to come to light, I wondered how he's changed. Last time I was here, my body looked like a 11 year old boy. Thankfully I grew into my skin the past year. My hair was up to my hips, and my face actually was zit-free. I began hearing whispers as students saw me walk past them. Some were in awe; others were already judging and hating. Not like I didn't get that at my previous school. I kept my head held high as I walked into the administers wing.

"Katarina Salvatore, do my eyes deceive me?" someone said behind me. I turned around to find what I had been so anxious for: he was standing there. I couldn't do much but stay mute.

History Ready To Hurt Me Once Again. . .  [Open RP] Briana10
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History Ready To Hurt Me Once Again. . . [Open RP]
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