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Character sheet from ShelbyLeeLoveForever

Covering your mark to go off campus
Covering your mark to go off campus

View a character sheet Vampire

 Name : ShelbyLeeLoveForever
 Age : 17
 Gender : Female
 Appearance : I am 5'2(not to tall but not to short) I have short black hair, I have brown eyes that often look green I have an athletic body. I have a few freckles and a mole on the side of my nose(ik that dont sound attractive lol)
 Former : Fifth
 Affinities : Mind reading, Healing
 Bio : I dont know if you would say my life is crazy or not because I have been through a lot of stuff. Ive been through depression. When I was in 8th grade I cut my wrist...Im not proud of it but still...And even now as a someone that is going 2 collage in2 years I've had the thought to cut but I dont do it