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 FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13)

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Trying to break up a fight
Trying to break up a fight

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FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13) Empty
PostSubject: FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13)   FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13) EmptySat May 12, 2012 8:11 pm

Thsi isn't associated with !*Nox*!'s, just thought you should know.

If you don't like the rating let me know.

I am writing a story and there are 6 main characters, I will give you the main discription of the story :

In a world where you must marry by the age of 25 and have at least two children but no more then 10 by the age of 45. You can not marry until you are 16 and connot have children until 18. If you do not marry by your 25th birthday; you are sent to Martyr (the land of torture, suffering, and pain) which is unknown to most who are forced into marrage and children to save their lives. The children go to school from walking to the age of 19 or they get married [which ever comes first].

Characters are Violet (she disagrees with this law and is raped by her bestfriend to save her life; age:18), Juliet (married to the prince and has two children; age:19), Casandra (also called Cara, she went wwith the flow of marrying and has 3 children, she hopes they will not have to live like she had to; age:20), Dominic (The presidents son [prince], he strongly disagrees with this law, he is happy with his wife and children; age:21), Robert (Rob, and is homosexual, he refuses to marry a female, and the president has sent him to Martyr to experience the torture and suffering; age:16), and Jack (he is the boy that raped violet, her parents pressured him to,they are getting married so that her pregnancy doesn't look bad; age:19).


I need one poem for each but if not for all 6, one for each of three of them.


YOu can submit 3 poems, at most.
Make sure you tell me who it is for.



I will choose a winner for each character and second and third place if there is enough ewntries for that.

The first place for all six of the stories will be in the story; the second place will be placed in the story as well.


I plan to do either 6 different stories or like the HoN series and have a main character but have all of the PoV's in the story. Idk yet.
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Telling your parents you are a fledgling
Telling your parents you are a fledgling

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FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13) Empty
PostSubject: Re: FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13)   FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13) EmptyMon Jun 24, 2013 8:07 am

Heres one for Violet... Maybe-

Roses are red
Violets are blue,
The law needs to be put to bed
Jack, you need to get a clue.

You saved my life because my parents told you to
And now we wait for the biggest day,
This is so new
But, I love you and I hope you stay!
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FallenInLove's poetry contest (PG-13)
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