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Seeing the Tracker
Seeing the Tracker

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PostSubject: Beginning   Beginning EmptySun Aug 02, 2009 2:04 am

This is a story that I'm writing with a friend of mine (she hasn't gotten on the HON bandwagon yet). The first post is just some info so you're not going in blind

Guardians of the Night

Guardians of the Night: Different classes: Vampyres, Witches, Wizards, Angels (descended from the Archangels) and Dragons. Affinities for the elements, psychic powers, have they ability to transform into a certain animal. Draw their powers from the night so they are weak during the day but they can go out into the sunlight if need be. Chosen at birth and attend the Guardian School of Magick from age 16-20. At age 21 they go through a coronation. Receive a blood-red outline of a star on the inside of their left wrist at birth. During the coronation the star gets filled in. Created to protect mankind from the Fallen, their leader Blood Raven and other mythical creatures. Very difficult to kill, immortal.

Oracle: Assigned to a student on the students first day to protect and guide them until their coronation. Very attuned to their student(s), and immediate bond forms between them. The student can always call on their Oracle, even after their coronation. Also teach at the school.

Fallen: Guardians that decided to use their gifts for evil. Mainly world domination. Sunlight is poisonous to their skin, develop a need for blood. Uses venom to control humans.

Blood Raven: Very first Fallen turned sometime in the 1600s, now the leader of all the Fallen.

Oracle Subject
Adora Rexford English*
Aubrey Devereaux Wizards & Witches*
Cera Harwood History of the Vampyre*
Crysta Ranleigh Shape-Shifting*
Dragon Long Tae Kwan Do**
Gregori VanGarett Ancient Runes***
Gwyn Hunter Sword Fighting**
Jasyn Knight* History of the Guardians*
Kenric James Dream Walking 101***
Kiela O’Connell Spells & Rituals*
Lynn Adrian Celtic History***
Lysander Cain Astronomy***
Nicolas Tremayne Potions & Bindings*
Retta Fontaine Intro to Wicca***
Samia Bolet Music***
Sarina Rivera Divination*
Shea Gabriel Drama***
Stryder Black History of the Dragon*
Thayne Lachlan History of the Angels*
Valerian Black Crystal Magick*
Wren St. Joe Herbalism***
Zachary Steele Mastering the Elements*

*Lily and Chris’ father
*Required Class (12, 3/yr.)
**Only one is required, may take both
***Electives (8, 2/yr.)


Lily Danvers
Age: 16
Height: 5’5”
Class: Witch
Element: Fire
Psychic Powers: Telepathy, Precognition, Medium
Appearance: Long black hair—middle of back—with streaks of red, turquoise blue eyes rimmed in dark blue. Guardian Star on the back of her right hand at the base of her thumb. Symbol of the Witch on the back of her neck. Wears a ruby and diamond ring on the index finger of her right hand and a simple silver band on her middle finger.
Bio: Raised by a single mother. Lived in Denver all her life. Twin brother, Chris. Doesn’t know her father. Loves horror films, wolfs, romance novels and chocolate.

Chris Danvers
Age: 16
Height: 6’0”
Class: Wizard
Element: Air
Psychic Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychometry
Appearance: Short, spiked black hair, emerald green tips. Ice-blue eyes. Guardian star on his left shoulder blade. Symbol of the Wizard on the inside of his right wrist. A three inch scar on right temple from being pushed through a glass door during a fight with Lily’s ex-boyfriend.
Bio: Raised by a single mother. Lived in Denver all his life. Twin sister, Lily. Doesn’t know his father. Loves horror films, hawks, and Mexican food.

Reid Black
Age: 18
Height: 6’0”
Class: Vampyre
Element: Earth
Psychic Powers: Channeling, Dream Walking, Teleportation
Appearance: Short dark blonde hair. Pale green eyes. Left ear pierced, wears a small gold hoop. Guardian star on the left side of his neck. Symbol of the Vampyre on his right pec.
Bio: Family placed him in Guardian care when he was born and they saw the star, they didn’t even name him. He was adopted by Valerian Black and his wife Stasia. They have a house on the grounds of the school. But Reid stays in the dorms. He’s in his third year at the School. Loves Nickleback, tigers, his guitar and to sing.

Maggie Lachlan
Age: 16
Height: 5’0”
Class: Angel—descended from Michael
Element: Water
Psychic Powers: Empathy, Retro-cognition, Psychic Healing
Appearance: Short, chin length, dark red hair with black streaks. Bright green eyes. Guardian star on corner of right eye. Symbol of the Angel on her tailbone. Wears a four-leaf clover charm bracelet on her left wrist and a silver Claddagh ring with emeralds in the heart on the ring finger of her right hand.
Bio: Youngest of four children. Has three older brothers, one of which is also a Guardian, who she completely adores despite them being very overprotective. Thayne-22, Guardian. Eric-20. Jeff-17. Grew up in the Bronx until Thayne turned 16 and went to the School. Loves shopping, leopards, romance novels and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Heather McKinley
Age: 16
Height: 5’2”
Class: Dragon
Element: Fire
Psychic Powers: Levitation, Auric Sight, Clairaudience
Appearance: Short, chin length brown hair wore flipped out. Amber eyes with black rims. Guardian star in the hollow where her neck meets her shoulder. Symbol of the Dragon above her belly button. Wears a heart locket with a small heart shaped garnet, inside are pictures of her parents.
Bio: Parents died when she was 12. Her brother, Jax-18, took her in. he gave her her locket for her 13th birthday. Lived in Austin until her parents died then she and her brother moved to Denver. Loves books-romance novels especially-, music, and owls.

Jake Hawthorne
Age: 16
Height: 5’10”
Class: Vampyre
Element: Earth
Psychic Powers: Electrokinesis, Memory suppression/extraction, Medium
Appearance: Shaggy dark brown hair. Whiskey eyes. Guardian star on his inner forearm by the elbow. Symbol of the Vampyre on his left hipbone. Wear a silver ring with Celtic markings on the middle finger of his right hand.
Bio: Only child, raised by a single father. Grew up in Boulder. Loves action films-fav is the Transporter series-, wolves, and food. He’s always eating but his metabolism is amazing so he retains his build. Has a crush on Maggie.

Kell Sinclair
Age: 16
Height: 6’0”
Class: Dragon
Element: Water
Psychic Powers: Clairvoyance, Pyrokenesis, Telepathy
Appearance: Black hair, dark blue eyes. Guardian star on the inside of his left thigh. Symbol of the Dragon in between his shoulder blades. Wears a silver phoenix pendent on a black cord.
Bio: His parents kept his destiny hidden from him. When he didn’t show up at the School as scheduled Layla went to his house. Loves the phoenix, rock, and action films. Has a crush on Heather

Jadyn O’Bryan
Age: 16
Height: 5’3”
Class: Witch
Element: Air
Psychic Powers: Empathy, Mental Influence, Teleportation
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, purple streaks. Violet eyes. Guardian star on the top of her right foot at the base of her big toe. Symbol for the Witch on her sternum. Wears a silver arm band on her right arm with two curving ends.
Bio: Good home life. Has a baby sister, Katie-13. Loves the moon, tigers, and romance novels.

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Seeing the Tracker
Seeing the Tracker

Female Gemini Goat
Age : 28
Posts : 14
Location : My own world
Join date : 2009-08-01

Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beginning   Beginning EmptySun Aug 02, 2009 2:09 am

Chapter One
“Gooooooood morning Denver!”
Lily Danvers rolled over and slapped at her alarm clock. She was so not in the mood for the local morning show. Grabbing the black Sharpie that lay next to the radio she rolled toward the wall and reached up to cross another day off her calendar. Tomorrow her life would change forever. Tomorrow was her sixteenth birthday. Most teenagers got excited about Sweet 16. Not Lily. Truthfully, she was terrified. Sixteen usually meant first car, later curfews, and dates. Hers meant magic, danger and things that go bump in the night. Tomorrow was her first day at the Guardian School of Magick.
After today she would no longer be a normal high school student. She would become a Guardian of the Night, a protector of mankind. As of right now, that was all she knew about her destiny. Lifting her right hand and stared at the small blood red outline of the Guardian Star at the base of her thumb. She’d had the mark since she as born. She was nervous. For the last fifteen years she’d lived in Denver and now she was being sent to a castle in the Rockies. Jeez, what it a Harry Potter moment or what?
“Lily! Hurry up! I wanna be out of here by six forty-five!” Her twin brother, Chris, called through her door.
“Okay.” She threw the covers off and raced through the shower. Chris was leaning against the doorjamb when she came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready to go, at six forty.
“How d’you feel?” He asked.
“Nervous. Excited. You?” He would be joining her tomorrow.
He rubbed his own star, which was on his left shoulder blade. “Same. Ready?”
She nodded, grabbed her bag and followed him out to the car.
The ride to school was silent. As they parked and got out of the car they got a few strange looks from those who weren’t to sure what to think of them.
They walked up the back steps and entered Denver High for the last time and went their separate ways.
The day passed in a blur of tearful goodbyes and going away parties. Eight hours later Chris and Lily dropped their gifts on the kitchen island.
“What’s all this?” Their mother, Emily, said when she walked in.
“There was a party in every class.” Lily got a glass of water and leaned against the counter.
“How sweet! Are you guys all packed? We’ll be leaving pretty early.”
“You’re driving us?” Chris asked.
“Yes. Grandma’s following so she can bring me back. One of you needs to ride with her.”
“I will.”
“Good. Now, both of you go make sure you have everything you need and bring your bags down and set them by the door.”
Lily gathered her gifts and went up to her room.
All her clothes were packed in two large suitcases and her collection of romance novels were safely tuck in between them. The only things left were knickknacks. Laptop, check. iPod, check. Wren, her stuffed white-tiger, check. Pictures, camera, sheets, pillow, Tinkerbell alarm clock.
She packed them all and took one last look around her room. When she was sure she had everything she took her bags downstairs.
“All set baby?” Her mom called from the living room.
“Yeah.” Lily joined her mom on the couch. “Mom?”
“Do you remember what you promised to tell me when I turned sixteen?”
Her mother closed her book and took a deep breath. “I promised to tell you about your father.”
Lily waited.
“Your brother should here this too. Chris!”
“Come down here please!”
He entered the living room and sat Indian style on the floor in front of them. “What’s up mom?”
“A few years ago Lily asked me why you guys didn’t have a father and I promised to tell her the night before your sixteenth birthday.”
She took another deep breath. “I was twenty-two and I met this guy at a club in Miami. We had a few drinks and I invited him back to my hotel room. About three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I tried to find him but without money I couldn’t do much.”
“What’s his name?”
“Jasyn. Jasyn Knight.”
They sat in silence for a while. Finally, after looking at the clock, Emily said, “It’s getting late. You guys need to get to bed.”
Lily glanced at her brother. “Night mom.” She kissed her mother’s cheek and went upstairs, stopping at the top to wait for Chris.
“C’mon,” she whispered when he reached her. They went to her room and she closed the door. “We’re you expecting that?”
He shook his head. “No.”
“We have to find him.”
“Don’t you want to know him?”
“Well yeah, but how’re we gonna find him?”
“I don’t know but I’ll figure something out.”

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